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Delek Group Overvoltage on the offer to purchase the unit commitment: Tel Aviv Mover Delek Group Ltd., controlled by billionaire Isaac Tshuva, rose the most in more than a month after the company had to offer purchase of shares, unless it is itself in Delek Energy Systems Ltd. Read more about plan for negotiations with Syria, but not less than Assad’s Exit / strong> Kofi Annan, UN and Arab League mediators, who convened the so-called action groups, to create the best possible spin on the agreement, calling for a national unity government that would prepare a proposal for a new monitor .. . Read more about Syrian opposition group : 800 deaths last week Syrian National Council in a statement Sunday that most of the dead were killed in accidental firing of tanks and helicopter forces on the treatment of residential neighborhoods throughout Syria. […] Khalil Al-Haj Saleh, a member of the local … Read more about Group for Kony of 2012 “has gained new respect invisible rights group children, which published the controversial video of cruelty attributed to the African militia leader Joseph Kony, is credited for keeping the pressure on the fugitive to catch. Read more about